SMARTGRO® Controlled Release Fertilizer

A water-soluble granular fertilizer encapsulated in a unique polymer coating where moisture penetrates the coating and dissolves the nutrients slowing into the soil. Learn more about SMARTGRO®!

Variety of Controlled Release Fertilizer

No one fertilizer can satisfy all the nutrients needed for the plants. We have a variety of SMARTGRO® – Controlled Release Fertilizer – with different nutrient composition. Check out all the different types of fertilizer from Smart Fert!

 Smart Fert Sdn Bhd

We are a Malaysian fertilizer manufacturer specialising in Controlled Release Fertilizer – SMARTGRO®. SMARTGRO® is a water-soluble granular fertilizer that is suitable for a wide variety of agriculture and horticulture. allowing nutrients to release slowly into the soil. Since 2009, we have been supplying SMARTGRO® Controlled Release Fertilizer throughout Malaysia and exporting to more than 20 countries globally. We’re continuing in the expansion of the market & growing steadily. Learn more about our company!

Best Controlled Release Fertilizer - Smart Fert Sdn Bhd

Introducing SMARTGRO®

Best Controlled Release Fertilizer

SMARTGRO® is a premium brand of Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF). SMARTGRO® utilizes a patented unique polymer coating is derived from sustainable natural vegetable oil.

SMARTGRO® – the best Controlled Release Fertilizer – comes in a wide range of NPK formulations and longevities (3 – 12 months) to suit all plants.

Less is More with SMARTGRO®


Reduced Fertilizer Usage

Application rates reduced by up to 60% but yield is improved by up to 15-30%.


Single Application

Feed and forget. Spend time on the other important things in your life. Save on labour cost.


Micro-thin Coating

SMARTGRO®’s coating can be as thin as 3% (up to 97% nutrient content). 


Eliminates Nutrient Loss

SMARTGRO® reduces fertilizer loss by leachate & volatilisation, leaving more nutrients for your plants.

[Crop Guide] SMARTGRO® Oil Palm Fertilizer Application

Here, we're going to demonstrate the oil palm fertilizer application for the best result on your oil palm nursery. We're using the SmartGro 19-10-13+2.5MgO+TE (9-12 months)....

[Crop Guide] SMARTGRO® Fertilizers for Paddy Crop

SMARTGRO® Fertilizer for Paddy Crop is trialled and proven to increase paddy yield compared to conventional fertilizers. What makes SMARTGRO® Fertilizer for Paddy Crop special?...

Best Controlled Release Fertilizer

Smart Fert Sdn Bhd is the leading Controlled Release Fertilizer manufacturer in Malaysia. Apart from supplying to local agricultural sectors, we also export the Controlled Release Fertilizer globally. Contact us for more details!

Smart Fert Sdn Bhd

Address: PT137998 Jalan Perigi Nanas 8/7, Pulau Indah, Pelabuhan Barat, 42920 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Phone: +603-3101 5931

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