SMARTGRO® Fertilizer for Paddy Crop is trialled and proven to increase paddy yield compared to conventional fertilizers. What makes SMARTGRO® Fertilizer for Paddy Crop special?


Specially Formulated Fertilizer for Paddy Crop

SMARTGRO® for Paddy/Rice is specially formulated for paddy. The NPK formula (23-9-13) and the dosage is based on the uptake by the plants.


Single Application

SMARTGRO® is applied once prior to ploughing the field. In contrast, a conventional fertilizer typically requires application on 15, 30, 50 and 75 Days After Sowing (DAS). Furthermore, the window of application varies up to 5 days but may be delayed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

SMARTGRO® can also be applied by broadcasting as below.

SK Cote Broadcasting Rice


Alternatively, SMARTGRO® can be applied using a modified transplanting machine for even greater efficiency.

SK Cote Transplanting Rice



SMARTGRO® for paddy/rice also comes with anti-float technology which prevents the fertilizer granules from being washed away during the flooding or draining of paddy fields. This enables SMARTGRO® to be applied when the field is already flooded.


Reduced Dosage

SMARTGRO® recommended dosage is 40-60% of conventional fertilizer dosage. Due to the heavy leaching and volatilisation of nutrients in paddy fields, as much as 60% of nutrients are lost when using conventional fertilizer. On top of this, the flooding and draining of paddy fields cause dissolved nutrients to be washed away. SMARTGRO® eliminates most of these losses by controlling the rate of release.


Timed-Release of Nutrients

SMARTGRO® releases nutrients at a rate matching the growth rate of plants. Additionally, the nutrient is released in stages as Early Nitrogen and Phosphorus for root and vegetative growth, and Late Phosphorus and Potassium for panicle growth and grain filling.

Early release of nitrogen will cause the top of the plants to become heavy and lodging will occur in the late stage. SMARTGRO® releases nitrogen in a sigmoidal pattern, delivering Nitrogen to the plants in a systemic manner.

Release Rate SMARTGRO - Fertilizer for Paddy Crop


Increased Yield

SMARTGRO® increases yield of paddy/rice, thanks to the efficient delivery of nutrients to plants. The controlled release of nutrients increases the number of tillering, pannicle and spikelets which contribute to the overall yield.


Cost Efficient

Farmers save more by reducing the number of fertilizer applications. Labour and/or machinery hire costs are significantly reduced.

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